The Perfect Ten

Hard Gel Nail Enhancement

Full Set - $95

The Full Set is the ultimate expression in nail beauty. These enhancements are artificial sculptures of hard gel that add length, shape, and strength to the natural nail. The service begins with a consultation to discuss the client's desire. With this concept in mind, we move into meticulous cuticle work and natural nail preparation to set the best possible foundation for the enhancement. Forms are applied to each nail and the sculpting process begins, whereby layers of hard gel are applied, shaped, and refined until the desired enhancement is achieved. The enhancement is finished with an application of high quality gel polish. The service concludes with a soothing hand massage.

*any extreme length or nail shape: add $20

The Top Ten

Hand Services

Sport Manicure - $25

This manicure is ideal for individuals who work hard with their hands and desire regular hand care. The service begins with a warm, moist towel-wrap around the hands to relax and soothe tired or achy joints and muscles. The nails are trimmed to the client's desired length and filed carefully; cuticles are meticulously trimmed, cleaned, and repaired. Finally, the rejuvenated hands are massaged with gentle lotion. The nails are left natural, clean, and unpolished. 


Gel Polish Manicure - $40

Our most popular overall service, this manicure is essential for individuals who want to maintain both the utility and beauty of their nails. It includes a sport manicure and adds the application of high quality gel polish. The polish is applied to manicured nails for color and styling, which is cured under an LED lamp in a few seconds, This process transforms the polish into a resistant shield to protect the nail surface while allowing for healthy growth of the nail underneath. This is especially beneficial for clients that tend to have weaker nails. After the brief curing process, the nails are 100% dry. The service concludes with the application of moisturizing oil to the cuticles and relaxing hand massage.

The Ten Below

Foot Services

Sport pedicure - $50

The preferred foot service for individuals looking for regular foot care without polishes, the Sport Pedicure begins with a warm, moist towel-wrap around the feet. The soothing wrap allows tired or achy heels, arches, and toes to ease and relax, working further to soften tough callouses. Softened callouses are then gently filed and any remaining dry skin is buffed away with an exfoliating sugar scrub. The feet are then re-wrapped in another warm, moist towel before the toenails are trimmed short and filed into shape. Cuticles are pushed back and any unnecessary skin is carefully removed. The service concludes with a luxurious foot massage. 


Gel polish pedicure - $65

This pedicure includes all the services of a sport pedicure with the addition of a gel polish application. High quality gel polish is applied to the well-pedicured toes for color and styling and cured under an LED lamp in just a few seconds, Since the polish is completely dry after curing, socks and shoes can be worn out the door. No more chilly winter sprints to the car in flip-flops! And speaking of sprints, we prefer to use gel polish for toes because it stands up to the extra wear of joggers, runners, beach-goers: anyone with an active or outdoor lifestyle. 


Tender Care

Maintenance Services

Gel Polish Refresh - $30

A Refresh is an expedient service recommended for clients that desire a change of polish color or styling. Previously applied gel polish is removed and nails are lightly filed into shape. The nails are cleansed and buffed before a reapplication of gel polish. The nails are finished with an application of moisturizing cuticle oil.

Hard Gel Fill and Re-balance- $55

This is a biweekly maintenance service for clients that have had a Full Set service previously performed. The client's nail and cuticle growth are assessed and prepped for the reapplication of hard gel, The gel is then applied to the nail to restore proper structure and balance. The re-balanced nails are filed into shape and gel polish is applied. The service concludes with an application of moisturizing oil to the cuticles and a comforting hand massage.